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As a well-rounded media maven, SAHRA SUSMAN is a communications professional specializing in photography, copy-writing, editing, journalism and public relations.

As a photojournalist, Sahra has photographed for a variety of publications including magazines, newspapers and Web based publications for diverse events including national political coverage to runway fashions. As a commercial photographer, Sahra uses her keen observatory eye to photograph individual and commercial portraits, advertising and products photographs, weddings and events. On assignment or for the sake of art, she is passionate about capturing important moments in time.

With many years experience as both an editor and reporter, her writing has appeared extensively in both print publications and online. As a public relations professional Sahra’s media work includes general and trade special publications, advertisements, press releases, print collateral, direct mail and more. As a marketing campaign strategist, she uses her skills to assist clients in perfecting their online presence. Recently her focus expanded to include Website content, Google ad words and Search Engine Optimization.

With almost ten years experience in media, Sahra Susman is a smart addition to your project!

Email: susmanmedia@gmail.com

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